Berger Seidle Base Oil Color



Classic BaseOil COLOR

This Classic Oil series product combines versatility in application with maximum environmental and consumer protection and occupational safety. Featuring a solid content of 100 vp, a very mild residual VOC and its renewable ingredients made of native oils, Classic BaseOil COLOR ranks among the most environmentally friendly oil-technique products.

Classic BaseOil COLOR was designed for easy, uniform application as well as intensive deep penetration. This makes it the perfect basis for oil. On this basis you can

:a) work in one layer

b) do the second layer as the top one in oil products (Classic 100ProOil, Classic HardOil)

c) build up multiple-layer coats with well-proven waterbased finish products


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Nature/Colorless, Natural White, Pine, Lemon, Pure White, Oak, Red Orange, Cashmere White, Azobe, Orange, Reed Green Smoke, Red, Cement Grey, Old Oak, Violet, Silver Grey, Pernambuco, Blue, Platinum Grey, Teak, Green, Green Grey, Bastard Teak, Old Pink, Basalt Grey, Walnut, Dove Blue, Grey Brown, Ebony, Pastel Turquoise, Black, Wenge, Wine Red/Burgundy, Deep Black, Cappucino, Olive, Salvia, Pearl White, Cape Cod Antique, Alaska Driftwood, Vanilla, Dune Sand, Caramel, Glacier, Ice Blue, Laguna, Magnolia, Latte Macchiato, Pink Lady, Mint, Caribbean, Ocean, White Oak, Ultra White


5 Liters (1.32 gal), 1 Liter (33.8 oz)


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