DuraSeal Premium Polyurethane – 1Gal

Sherwin Williams


DuraSeal Polyurethane – 1Gal

Available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Satin



DuraSeal Premium Polyurethane is a polyurethane floor finish that is designed for hardwood floors. It is an oil-based polyurethane that is tough, durable, and easy to maintain. DuraSeal Premium Polyurethane is available in a variety of sheens, including satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. Until recently this product was known as “Fabulon” Polyurethane..  One of the finest oil based coatings ever made for wood floors.

NOTE – We stock the 500 VOC product and quantities of 1 gallon or more can not be shipped to certain areas..  Please call us to be sure 757-333-0515. – The areas prohibited are on the east coast from Washington DC north to Maine..  not including Vermont..  along with Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and California.  Check your states VOC requirement to be sure.

NOTE – 500+ VOC polyurethane in generally considered to flow-out and perform better..

Available in Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss


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