EZ8 Core Charge




Core Charge – EZ8 Expandable Drum

This is a deposit only..  Pending until we receive your old EZ8 Drum Core – UNDAMAGED*  — After which your deposit will be refunded back to your charge card or Paypal – whichever you used

* By undamaged we mean not broken..  cracked or beaten..   It is perfectly fine for your old rubber to be worn or broken..  We don’t care about that..  What we care for is the metal core..  It can not be cracked or beaten (some use a hammer to beat the core off their old machine.. denting it.. thus making it not ideal for us to try and re-sell)  Please use a drum puller or a wooden block & hammer to help knock the old drum free..  rotating it an inch at a time..  tapping the block of wood against the old drum until it comes free.


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