Norton SandDollar 16″ – Very Fine – Green – 1 Pad





Norton SandDollar pads have a long life (approximately 1500 sf/pad) and are extremely durable and tear resistant. The A/O grain bonded to the foam backing allows the pad to properly abrade the finish while still producing a very fine scratch pattern. Contractors can get a great-looking finish without running the risk of adhesion problems caused by improper abrasion. • Norton SandDollar pads resist loading, but can be easily cleaned by vacuuming off or rinsing with water and then reused. They are used just like a screen or maroon pad, using a white pad or maroon pad as a driver and can be used on any kind of finish: oil, water, or acid cure; but not recommended for pre-finished floors. The cut-outs in the pad help with dust extraction and to minimize loading. • Traditional PSA strips can tear and curl under easily which could leave adhesive residue on the finish. Also, if hook and loop strips are used, the paper can curl under and the hooks can scratch the finish. With Norton SandDollar there is no guessing at how many strips to use, what grit to use, and how to place the strips on the pad.

Norton SandDollar pads are flexible enough to conform to uneven surfaces, making sure the finish is abraded consistently and evenly. This also minimizes the chance of cutting through the finish on high spots and edges of boards, which is especially important on recoat jobs and stained floors. • Norton SandDollar has the life and durability of a screen, but leaves a finer scratch pattern. Screens tend to be too aggressive for residential work, especially with newer construction using more windows and recess lights that magnify swirl marks in finishes. • The color coding on Norton SandDollar pads won’t wear off, so a contractor will always know what grit he is using, especially if he is reusing the pad. • PSA strips have a short life. They tend to last approximately 150 square feet before needing to be changed. • Because PSA strips wear so quickly, most people tend to over use them and wind up dulling the finish and not properly abrading it. This can lead to finish-adhesion problems.

Additional Use The blue Norton SandDollar can be used for final sanding of bare wood. It can virtually eliminate the risk of swirl marks in difficult applications such as staining maple. Do your final sanding with a 100 or 120 grit screen to blend the edges and the field, followed by a blue Norton SandDollar pad to remove any swirl marks left by the screen and you will achieve a perfect surface for staining or finishing on any species of wood.

***Cross Reference Chart NORTON SANDDOLLAR SCREEN MAROON PAD & PSA SHEET ROLLS BLUE (COARSE) 100-120 grit 150** grit PSA RED (MEDIUM) 120-150 grit 150 grit PSA YELLOW (FINE) 150-180 grit 180 grit PSA GREEN (VERY FINE) 220 grit 240 grit PSA

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Weight 0.45359237 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 17 × 17 in


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