Poloplaz NSB Gold Waterbase Sealer – 1Gal




PoloPlaz NSB Gold Waterborne Sealer


Save time with this fast-drying formula.

PoloPlaz NSB Gold Sealer is a commercial-grade, waterborne sealer designed for use on new floors requiring waterborne seal and finish. The fast-drying formula enables multiple applications in one day. This high-build sealer allows your finish coats to really stand out – meaning more customer referrals for you.


Use For:


    • New Installation to reduce risk of damage from panelization
    • Hardwood Sports Floors, Malls, Restaurants, Offices, Museums
    • High-Traffic Areas
    • Preserving natural color of wood




Additional information

Weight 4.5359237 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 12 × 10 in


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