Power Cord 10-3 Yellow Extension – 100ft




This heavy duty coldweather PVC cord is equipped with our patented “CGM” Continuous Ground Monitoring connector. This latest safety feature identifies that there is ground continuity in a circuit when the green light turns on. In addition, the lighted amber male plug indicates there is power flowing through the cord.


FEATURES • Manufactured to 10/3 AWG (American Wire Gauge) specifications • Each of the three conductors contain 104 strands of 30 AWG 100% copper wire • All copper is soft drawn & annealed for maximum flexibility under full load • Our Pro Glo® high visibility coldweather PVC insulation and jacket guarantees working flexibility in temperatures down to -40°F • SJTW outside jacket is rated at 300 volts • We use heavy duty molded on 15A-125V NEMA 5-15 plugs & connectors that will not to pull away from the cord body • Lighted amber Power Check plug • Lighted green Ground Check connector • Jacket colors: Yellow, Green and Blue • UL Listed

Additional information

Weight 10.88621688 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 18 × 12 in


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