Prosand 10 Drum – Recond. HQ


$395 + $350 Deposit Required (CORE CHARGE) Please Call to Order



Prosand 10″ drum – Reconditioned to “like new”  The drum has been vulcanized and balanced to very high standards to perform as good or better than new. We offer the finest drum recovery and reconditioning available – PERIOD!  You will receive a drum that works as well as the new drum that came with your machine. It is balanced to aircraft quality standards and will outperform any other drum recovery process on the market.


Deposit required for exchange

You must send us your old worn (but not broken or cracked) drum in our exchange policy to receive the base price. We require a drum deposit which will be refunded when we receive your worn drum. We must receive a usable drum – broken or cracked drums are not eligible for this exchange.

Please call us to order this product. We’ll work with you to ensure the product is available and to set up return of your used drum.

Additional information

Weight 6.80388555 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 16 × 11 in


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